At La Vie Chiropractic, our team understands that your main priority as a practice member is relief care; to get out of pain. Although common, pain is not normal and doesn’t need to be “accepted.” Pain is the body trying to communicate a deeper, underlying issue. The doctors at La Vie Chiropractic make it a priority to correct the root cause of the problem that is causing you pain, helping you get back to your normal self and support you on your journey to true, pain-free health.

What is a Subluxation:
A misaligned vertebrae due to an overload of physical, chemical and emotional stresses experienced by the body that interfere with the nerve impulses. Nerve impulse is the electrical impulse from the brain that regulates all function of the body and keep us alive.)

What is an Adjustment:
An adjustment is performed when a subluxation is detected during the examination. To do that, the doctor applies a specific force to the bone and corrects the improper position. This relieves pressure on the nerves exiting from the area of the spine, allowing the messages from the brain to properly communicate with the rest of the body.

The length of correction and frequency of adjustment is determined by the severity of the practice member’s subluxation, the length of the time that the subluxation have been present, the age, current stress levels and willingness to change.

Symptoms may be gone long before the nerve system is functioning optimally. Adjustment schedules vary from one person to the next due to the uniqueness as we all possess. An initial clearing phase is completed prior to moving into a wellness schedule.