“Dr. Safina’s hands are magical. Honestly a Chiropractor was always the last thing on my mind but now I can’t wait to see her. It is almost a month since I started seeing her, and I have not woken up with stiff neck and tightening in my back. “It’s magic”. I definitely recommend someone who is scared of chiropractor but want their body back. She will make you feel welcome, and she pays attention to little details.”

“Dr. Safina is one of the best!! She goes above and beyond an adjustment; she has an abundance of knowledge and technique that makes care at La Vie so unique. My headaches gone, sleep quality better, and so much more mobility at the gym. I highly recommend Dr. Ngandu to your family doctor.”
Dr. Bria Schoenecker

“Safina is an intuitive into the profession of health & wellness.”
Marie Vola

“Dr Ngandu is a competent and very caring chiropractor. She worked for me at Life University providing excellent care for our student athletes in the Sports Chiropractic Department, part of the Athletic department here. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a good chiropractor.”
Keith G. Rau, DC, CCEP, CCSP

“Dr. Safina is not only thorough in her assessment skills, but in the adjustment she provides. She adjusts my spine, my extremities, AND offers therapy that expedites healing time and alleviates my pain. She stands out in a world full of docs who rush patients out the door. Her main concern is helping her patients feel better. It is inspiring to see a doctor that shows true empathy. I am confident in her skills and will be continuing care. I highly recommend her!”

“I would have to say my experience with La Vie Chiropractic is life changing. I no longer suffer from the back pain that I originally came here with, which was approaching the point of becoming unbearable. Dr. Safina helped me change my lifestyle to where I do not have to remain in constant pain.”

“Dr. Safina is incredible. She had helped motivate me to make changes in my everyday life.”

“Dr. Safina is a life savior.”